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Climate Change and Securities Litigation, Higher Rates for Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

For those in the industry, navigating the reporting systems connected to climate change related risks can be daunting.  A more streamlined approach to this task would certainly have a warm welcome amongst the community.  This wish may come true soon enough with a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission proposal that would require companies to disclose […]

#1 Priority for Design Firms – Profitability

The last six months of 2021 design firms continued to see continued growth and project opportunities. Design firms have also reported a very strong amount of work in the pipeline, with inquiries and the value of new design contracts remaining near all-time high levels. However, with this growth has come new challenges in this evolving […]

Insurers are Reducing or Dropping Ransomware Coverage | Most Companies Lack a Solid Security Plan

With cyber threats on the rise, now more than ever is the time to implement the best security protocols you can get your hands on.  Why?  Not only did ransom payouts exceed $500 Million in 2021, insurers are reducing their coverage amounts, requiring even more risk management and even dropping ransomware coverages altogether.  Today’s digital […]