Risk Control Services

  • Contract Review: This service consists of an overall contract review.  In addition to simple review of insurance call outs we have a bundled service agreement with risk control specialists who will review your contracts to assist you in review and editing contracts for fair balance of risk.
  • Risk Profiles:  These are provided through a company we are affiliated with “Smart Risk”, a leading risk and performance management strategist which provides their patented  “SR Risk Profile”.  This is a firm specific risk analysis process focused on professional risk and exposures. The completed risk profile identifies strengths, areas of concerns, risk ratings with recommendations to assist in improved performance and risk mitigating strategies
  • In-house Training: In-house training sessions identifying industry trends, claims, case studies, and methods for mitigating risk and liability exposures.
  • Webinar Training Sessions: Training sessions are provided on current topics impacting in the industry including risk and claim trends, techniques for managing, mitigating risk and liability exposures.

*Limitation of Hours may apply.