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Risk Control Services

Insurance is only one method of controlling risk. Insurance claims are distracting to a firm’s business focus – frequent or severe claims will eventually lead to a higher cost of risk, as premiums go up and insurance policy terms become more limited. We encourage our clients to partner with insurers and specialty attorneys and consultants for assistance in reviewing contract requirements with regard to indemnity and other areas of operations. This goes beyond just looking at the scope of insurance being called for. VOCO2 endeavors to partner with clients to facilitate proactive contract review and put clients in the best possible position to mitigate claims.

When an incident does occur and a claim is unavoidable, we work with insurers to limit damage. We do this by caring for our clients, and by putting them in touch with the right professionals, whether that be their insurer or a specialty consultant.

In addition to getting our clients a good deal on an insurance program, we aim to help keep their long term cost of risk under control, and allow their firms to grow, without the distraction of claims and a high cost of risk.

Contract Review

Contracts are an important tool in allocating risk and are best viewed very carefully before signing. In addition to simple review of insurance call outs, we have a bundled service agreement with risk control specialists who will review your contracts thoroughly to assist you in editing contracts for fair balance of risk.

In-house Training

VOCO2 offers in-house training sessions identifying industry trends, claims, case studies, and methods for mitigating risk and liability exposures.

Webinar Training Sessions

Training sessions are provided on current topics impacting in the industry including risk and claim trends, techniques for managing, mitigating risk and liability exposures.

*Limitation of Hours may apply.

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