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Webinar: Cyber Risk Increasing for Design and Environmental Professionals



You are invited to join Tim Corbett of SmartRisk for an educational webinar on Cyber Risk and Risk Management solutions specific to the Architect, Engineering and Environmental Professional (AE&E) businesses.  Additional commentary will be included by Matt Shanks of Am

WINS regarding available insurance and risk management support.

Design and environmental firms are facing an increased exposure to cyber liability. Based on industry trends, exposures have quadrupled in the last few years. A lack of secure systems guarding digital assets has increased risk with the release of employees, client’s confidential information, intellectual property (IP), use of smart technology, building automation controls, etc. Attackers have gained access to a firm’s data, encrypting it using ransomware and extorting payment to regain access to information. This session will describe cyber risk trends, and impacts to liability, operations and productivity. Claim examples will be provided with risk management recommendations for securing digital systems, assets and insurance options.

Learning Objectives
  • Higher risk cyber exposures
  • Cyber risk impacts on business
  • Cyber threats defined
  • Claim examples
  • Risk management recommendations 


Date and Time

Wed. March 1, 2017

10:30 AM PST/ 11:30 AM MST


75 Minutes

Webinar Details

Dial in Number:  1-805-309-5900

Conference ID:  317-476-307

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